Foam Recycling Funding Continues into 2021

Yesterday, the Foam Recycling Coalition opened its grant submission process to support increased recycling of packaging made from foam polystyrene. The FRC, part of the Foodservice Packaging Institute, seeks applicants looking to start or strengthen a post-consumer foam polystyrene recycling program.

We are proud to say that since our first grant was given in 2015, the Foam Recycling Coalition has awarded nearly $780,125 in grants to communities and recycling businesses in the United States and Canada. That funding has helped more than 6.3 million people to recycle foam polystyrene by taking private dollars and partnering with public entities to better our communities.

The FRC grant program helps fund infrastructure for the collection, processing and marketing of products made from foam polystyrene. It targets post-consumer foam polystyrene products, which includes foodservice packaging (i.e., cups, plates, bowls, clamshells and cafeteria trays) and other types of packaging (i.e., egg cartons, meat trays and protective packaging used when shipping electronics and other fragile items).

Grant amounts are determined on a case-by-case basis dependent upon equipment needs, but is typically awarded at up to $50,000 per grant. Although no cash match is required, additional costs may be incurred by the grantee for related items, such as site preparation, provision of conveying system, electrical infrastructure, freight and other installation costs.

Both public and private organizations involved in managing residential drop-off and curbside recycling programs or material recovery facilities are eligible to apply for funding.  The FRC grantees list currently includes a mix of all of these types of organizations!

Many communities across North America have started or expanded foam polystyrene recycling programs due to this grant. A list of past grantees and a link to the FRC equipment grant application can be found at Deadline for submission is Friday, May 28, 2021!

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