Don’t Let Summer Be a Bummer. Make It a Sensible One!

Summer is officially in full swing.  How did it get to be July already?  Many of us have been breaking out those picnic blankets, beach chairs, coolers and backpacks to enjoy the great outdoors. As you do so, here are a few things to remember when you bring along those much-needed refreshments:

  • Play it safe – insulate. What’s the number one rule in food safety? Keep your hot foods hot and cold foods cold. That’s exactly what foodservice packaging was designed to do. Make sure the packaging you use to transport your foods and beverages have good insulation properties. Keep in mind what foods you’re taking with you and how much time those foods will be in the packaging – that’ll help you figure out what types of packaging are needed.
  • Conserve water. The start of summer also unfortunately means the start of drought season for many. One of the advantages to single-use foodservice packaging is that you don’t need to waste water on washing your glasses and dishes after you’ve used them. So, save the water and use single-use during the summer. Your local water authority will thank you!
  • Make it easier on yourself. OK, could you bring along some reusable (and potentially breakable) dinnerware, cutlery and tumblers for your outing? Um, of course, yes. But imagine how much extra weight that adds to your already too heavy cooler or backpack? Give yourself a break and pack the lighter weight alternative. Your back will thank you!
  • Be vigilant: Yes, foodservice packaging is light weight, making it convenient to transport, but it’s also then easier for it to get away from you. If you’re outside – especially on a beach – be sure you don’t let anything – foodservice packaging or otherwise – blow away.
  • Think before you toss. It’s time to wrap up and go home. What’s left to do? Make sure you dispose of your used packaging responsibly. Hopefully you brought with you foodservice packaging that can be either recycled or composted. Look for the proper bin – don’t just mindlessly toss it in the trash. And, don’t be one of those people that stuff their items in an overly-filled bin. This is a recipe for litter – unintended or not – and that’s no good. Look for another bin, or just bring it home and dispose there. That’s certainly a better option than trashing the Earth.

So, go enjoy your summer, with the help of foodservice packaging!


summer sun

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