Getting engaged? FPI engaged, that is.

Are you a new FPI member? Or do you want to refresh your memory on the products and services FPI has? Well, you’re in luck! FPI is hosting an upcoming webinar detailing all we have to offer.

You might remember that FPI has member engagement as one of our focus areas of work for 2019. It’s harder to engage members when they don’t know all the places they can get involved. Add into that, FPI has gained a number of members over the course of the past year and we have some great reasons for conducting a member orientation webinar.
What will be involved?

We’ve planned an hour to talk all about FPI. We’ll dive into member benefits and resources and FPI’s website and social media campaigns. You’ll learn about how FPI is governed and its bylaws. We’ll talk about FPI’s Board of Directors, divisions, committees and special interest groups – and how someone can get involved in all of those! We’ll even introduce you to FPI’s staff and give you an idea of who to call or email if you have a question, a comment, or just want more information on how to engage.

And, of course, we’ll talk about FPI’s conferences. We know that our members consistently hold FPI’s conferences in high esteem and for some of you, these are the two times a year you get to experience FPI in-person. We’ll offer a full run down of frequently asked questions and answers, including all the good stuff, about FPI’s conferences.


Interested? Good. More information will be coming soon. Can’t wait until then? You can always reach out to Natha at FPI for the details now.

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