#CheckYourFacts with Freddy and Teddy

It’s a new year and with it comes a new and exciting opportunity to clear misconceptions about foodservice packaging. As we’re sure you’re all aware, single-use foodservice packaging continues to get a lot of media attention. With the increase in attention so too comes an increase in fake news, err, misinformation.

In an effort to combat all the wrong information that’s floating around in the media — including social media — we developed a brand-new “Myths vs Facts” resource. This four-page document has so much good information in it that we didn’t want to just put it on the website and hope people find it. It’s so full of important information for the public to know about, after all, how will people understand the benefits and qualities of single-use foodservice packaging if they’re only being presented with only one side?!

To share the wealth of information in the “Myths vs Facts” resource, we brainstormed different ways to separate fact from fiction and ultimately decided that an ongoing social media campaign was the best way to do it.

So, with that we’d like to introduce you to Fake Freddy and Truthful Teddy!

Fake Freddy is a know-it-all who takes the things he hears at face value and does his best to spread the word — even if his words aren’t accurate.

Freddy’s more even-keeled buddy, Truthful Teddy is always on the lookout for the truth and does his research to make sure he’s not spreading false information.

Fake Freddy and Truthful Teddy will spend some time every Wednesday afternoon sharing, and correcting, some of the most widely known myths about foodservice packaging. Everything from foodservice packaging’s impact on litter and marine debris, to how we dispose of foodservice packaging, and even the materials used in foodservice packaging.

Our aim is that Freddy and Teddy can share this useful information in a fun and engaging way. We hope people find this information to be helpful and eye-opening, and that they’ll engage with the content by liking it, sharing it and/or commenting.


So, whether you’re in the foodservice packaging industry or you’re just a general consumer who likes being well-informed on the products used in everyday life, come follow along as Fake Freddy and Truthful Teddy set the record straight on single-use foodservice packaging. If you’re not already following us, we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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