New Website, Same FPI

websiteThey say a website gives the first impression of an organization. In our case, we hope that wasn’t true!

Several years ago, we went through a massive undertaking to update our brand, including our website. We spent months working toward a website that was clean, user-friendly and informative. While we certainly think we accomplished our goals, it’s amazing how quickly things can change online — things like design trends, search engine optimization and mobile usage.

So, here we are a few years later with nearly 50 percent more web traffic than before, due in no small part to the increased attention our industry has received. While our website still reflected our brand and provided good, quality content for our members and other audiences, we felt it was time for a refresh. After all, we want the people visiting our site to recognize us for what we are — a modern authority on foodservice packaging.

We took a look at the current website design trends — including the fact that more than 50 percent of online traffic comes from mobile users — and created a new site that should make it easier for people to find the information and resources they need, when they need them. We optimized the site for mobile users so they can have the same experience as those on their computers, and so audiences can find us when searching online. We evaluated all the documents that have been downloaded over the years to ensure we are putting the most relevant information in front of users. And, we wanted the site to look good!

Once again, we think we accomplished what we set out to do — create a user-friendly experience where people can find studies, reports, informational documents, toolkits and more. We hope you get a chance to check out the new site and would love to hear what you think. Now we can say that our website does create a good first impression of our association.

Anything we missed? Anything you would like to see? Let us know!

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